Acciones de la Frontera (Actions across Borders) is a consulting firm founded with 100% Colombian capital, and began operations in 2009, aimed at promoting responsible, profitable & healthy foreign investment in Latin America.

At AdF, we are convinced that "the growth of Latin American economies has no borders", for such reason we lie our mainstay on a corporate identity that is solid on values and responsible business methodologies assuring an optimal delivery of our connection and consultancy services, making us highly reliable!

Analogically, as exemplified by a powerful jet engine, at AdF our institutional values are the main axis of the engine which make it all work, our reason for being is the fuselage that covers and especially shields that main axis from any external threat, finally, our vision is simply the result of the momentum generated by the engine allowing us to travel with our customers and partners to succeed in the business opportunities presented in every latitude of our continent. ADF