Go Carbon Neutral by Investing in Colombia

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Becoming climate neutral is no longer a matter of a Protocol, it is a matter of conscience for a better world, a world where we can all do something to make it better, or at least not make it worse. All that needs to be done is stop thinking in just how profitable it may be and focus on the actual benefit to the environment. Colombia offers the perfect option to do both; help the environment willfully while exploring markets in one of the most promising emerging countries.

The Kyoto Protocol ends its first phase at the end of this year. It ends without the United States, the second country in terms carbon emissions after China, having committed to it and with Canada having withdrawn. That leaves only 34 industrialized countries agreeing to a second phase of the protocol which only accounts for 15 percent of global man-made CO2.

The Cap and Trade Market was said to be a solution to reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions to the point where the New York Times stated that “The carbon market is expected to become the world’s biggest commodity market and looking to be a trillion dollar industry very soon.” On the contrary, there are arguments as those made by Annie Leonard in her video The Story of Cap & Trade that support that such system can be cheated and businesses are only thinking about their own economic benefit. Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) projects are one way to go about really reducing GHG emissions. Other volunteer project ideas that attack different ways of reducing or compensating emissions are also available, such as the cultivation of certain crops that allow not only the generation of carbon credits but also a direct economic benefit at the time of harvest. The key in any project planned is to be determined to accomplish its strategic corporate objectives without forgetting its main purpose, to make a positive environmental impact.

If going carbon neutral by investing in Colombia sounds like the step you want to take towards international success but are not sure how to begin the journey or simply would like companionship in the process, there is always a helping hand available. Local experts are key in obtaining the best results; whether it is which type of project is most suitable for your specific needs, where to mount the project or which project you can adhere to, how long it may take, and most important the negotiation along the process to assure the biggest benefit, a cluster of experts will guide you to achieve the sought results.

Colombia offers excellent opportunities to take advantage of such projects while consciously contributing to a better world. Colombia is ranked second in biodiversity on a world scale and 42% of its national territory is part of the Amazonian region which includes 483,119 km2 of forests.

The above mentioned is merely one fact about how much needs to be protected in this country; however, there are still plenty of ideas to create and reconstruct the environment in Colombia. At the same time that foreign businesses compensate, they may look into penetrating one of the most promising markets in the world, all this done in a climate neutral way.